Tours, Talks & Field Trips

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Joe Paden telling the Crisfield story. (A. Durham Image)

The CSP offers tours and talks of all types for groups of all ages and sizes.

The “Heritage Story Tour” is the choice if you or your group would like to discover a compelling story that spans over four centuries.

Tour details: The story begins when Capt. John Smith mapped the area and met the natives in 1608, then follows with the first naval battle of America in 1635 – which happened just a few miles from Crisfield.

As you take an easy stroll through historic Downtown Crisfield, you’ll hear stories of the first settlers that came fleeing persecution in Virginia.  Adventures will be told of the locals fighting off pirates and the British in the Revolutionary and War of 1812. There will be many episodes spanning the centuries up to when Crisfield rose out of the sea and became a predominate port-town in the 1860’s – which turned the new city into a wild, lawless shipping metropolis and known as the seafood capitol of the world in the early 1900’s and later the crab capitol of the world.

Crisfield has a fascinating story, truly unlike any other, let us share the story with you!

Maximum Capacity – 30  /   Length of Tour – 1.5hrs / Walking Distance – .5 Miles / ADA, Wheelchair Accessible / Restrooms are Available / Photographs Encouraged

Here for a vacation or a day trip?  Let us help you plan your visit!  There are a variety of family based activities, for example, kayak in the morning, cruise to Smith Island in the afternoon and return for an evening of eating locally caught crabs.  Our CSP guide will give you an experience that can only be provided by the locals themselves.

See tour details below and to get more info or book your tour, use the contact form below.

Segments from our Story: Top (L-R) – Native Americans, First Naval Battle of America, Bottom – Religious Persecution, Hardened Oystermen, Lawless Boomtown

Field Trips

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Sharing the Story

Contact us for information on a fun, entertaining and educational experience for 3rd-7th graders that will immerse the students in the culture and history – providing a story that they will soon not forget.

Field Trips can be catered to length, size of group and topic.  Please use the contact form below to ask for more info on how to book your class for this unique day trip.

Field Trip Topics: General History & Culture – The First Settlers – Story of Sailing Vessels – Islands Now Gone – Pirates in these Waters – The Oystermen – Shanghaied – Lawmen vs Outlaws – City That Rose From Sea – The Independence Story – Spooky Somerset – The Island Tale – A Fight over the Border – The Tools of the Trade – Hardy Lives/ Hardy People – A Light in the Dark – How God’s Word, The Preachers & Churches Shaped Our Story – And many more topics…

We also give lectures and presentations on local families, genealogy studies and areas that once were fertile farm ground and are now either salt marsh or washed away all together.