Historic Road Markers

HISTORIC MARKER – SACKER NELSON HOMESTEAD: This is another project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, & thanks to support of the property owner, Dale King, & Paul Thomas who put me in touch with Dale – who are also both direct descendants of Sacker btw – I’m able to finally get a start.  

In 2017 we did a cleanup at the Nelson Plot Cemetery (where this sign is going to be placed), which is near Jenkins Creek, Crisfield, & because of this, Maria Dorman & Carol Hines Wikander of the Naticoke DAR contacted me to help with some historic info & to see if I could get permission from Dale for them to place a sign there commemorating the Rev War service of Sacker’s son, Thomas King Nelson.  

Dale was completely on board.  While I was talking with Dale, I mentioned that I was trying to organize historic trails (for walking, biking, driving) around Crisfield, and if it was ok if I put a marker there as well.  Again, 100% on board.   

So this is the first of hopefully eight total markers that will be going around the Lawsonia area which will total approx 4 miles that I’m dubbing the ‘Down-Neck Historic Trail.’  The cost of the Sacker Nelson sign, plus mounting, etc, is $250.  If anyone is interested in sponsoring the remainder (which is $100), please feel free to do so.  The names of those who donate $50 or more will be listed as ‘Sponsors’ and those who give $25 (minimum donation to get name listed) will be listed as ‘Co-Sponsors.’  

I’ll be sharing the info on the other signs as I get permission from property owners to mount.  If all goes well, I’d like to add historic trail markers in Hopewell, Marion, etc