3.9 Closing Statement

This report addresses how and why Crisfield became extremely prosperous, and how and why the situation has now become so desperate.  

I hope that no one disagrees with the fact that our city will slowly die if Crisfield’s youth, upon reaching adulthood, continue to relocate elsewhere to pursue a meaningful career.  I hope I’ve made it evident that Crisfield’s revitalization is dependent upon producing traffic.  It’s extremely unlikely that the traffic produced from seafood will ever be able to support the town again.  Crisfield’s location makes it infeasible for manufacturing or another similar industry to prosper.  Tourism is the only industry that I’ve found that will provide the career and business opportunities for Crisfield’s future generations. 

There is so much more that I would like to include but I feel the contents that have been presented are sufficient at this time.  I’ve been working on this project for over 6 years, and have completely dedicated myself to this for almost a year.  I suspended my history projects, I’m two-thirds done on a book that I’ve been writing on Crisfield, and I want to finish that.  I’ve only been taking on enough work needed to get by, neglected spending time with my children, and put-off doing many other things because I wanted to finish this report.  

I’m not stating these things to tout my efforts, but I just want it to be clear that I have other projects and obligations that I need to get back to.  I will provide assistance and additional information that is relevant to this report, but I hope that there is enough material contained herein that those in leadership positions can determine if this warrants further consideration or not, and choose a course of action accordingly.  

If there is overwhelming support for this strategy that would be great. I do hope that any criticisms of this report are based upon sound reasoning and research, and not personal feelings.   

No matter what comes from this report, even if it’s completely dismissed, I have no regrets.  I’ve done my best, and my children have witnessed, and been involved throughout this entire process.  Many of the ideas presented here came from them.  I’ve constantly reminded my daughter – especially when she got upset when I told her I couldn’t do something because I had to work on this report – that I was doing this because she asked me was Crisfield going to still be here when she grew up.  They’ve seen the dedication and sacrifice something like this takes.  They’ve seen that no matter the results, we have to do our best.

I want to reiterate that everything that’s been proposed is done so not to criticize the efforts of others, but to respectfully provide input.  I know those involved are passionate about Crisfield’s future, and I’m sure everyone has Crisfield’s interest at heart.   

Crisfield has so much value, and if this value is recognized, and utilized, Crisfield could return to the level of prosperity that it deserves and investors would be lining up with proposals to fund projects with their own resources.

However, to achieve this, great change will be needed – attitude is everything – and Crisfield must ‘think-big.’  I only want the best for Crisfield – and for my children’s children, and their children, to be able identify themselves as being part of a very special group.  I want them to be able to proudly say, “I’m a Crisfielder.”

Thank you for reading.

Joe Paden