3.4 Coordinating Traffic Flow

When planning for the types of TSA&SAs that are pursued in all of the Focus Areas, it’s beneficial to begin with the modifications that will be needed to accommodate the increase in the various types of traffic. 

The following is a list of the primary types of traffic that will affect land-based conditions with a brief description of each.

➢ Tourist Traffic (Walking):  Up to a few thousand on weekends and during events.  All other traffic types in Focus Area 1 should be decreased for safety.

➢ Passenger Vehicle Traffic:  Condo residents and business owners will still need uninhibited access, measures must be taken to prevent bottle-necking.  

➢ Commercial Vehicle Traffic:  Businesses and the CA&DC will need deliveries, should be restricted to specific times.

➢ Emergency Vehicles –  All traffic plans should be produced considering the needs of emergency vehicles.

➢ Other: Golf-Cart, Scooter, Bicycle, Trolley, Etc.:  These will be increased, and may also serve as a novelty attraction in itself with people coming just to watch the tourist traffic.

Below is a map of Focus Area 1 showing a potentially new traffic pattern that addresses the conditions that will likely develop with the increased walking traffic.

Vehicle Traffic Changes: 
The green arrows denote two-way traffic; which is limited to the two dead-end roads and part of Broad St. that needs to be two-way to allow residents of Harbour Light Condos easier access to their homes and to reduce traffic on the eastbound lanes of Main St.

The roads with red arrows are one-way.   

The green rectangle with yellow outline at the Depot is the Chesapeake Adventure & Discovery Center (CA&DC).

The orange rectangles with black dashed outline represents areas that are proposed to be what I identify here as the ‘Walking Corridor.’  (See section below)

Red Arrows: One Way Traffic
Green Arrows: Two Way Traffic
Orange Areas: Walking Corridors

Stoplights & Crosswalk Signals:  
These are marked on the map. Stoplights and crosswalks will have to be connected to a network to keep a vehicle traffic balance and ensure there aren’t more vehicles entering Focus Area 1 than are leaving.    

Stoplights, and modifications in traffic patterns will be needed in other areas as well.  

From the outset, stoplights will be needed at the intersection of rt.413/Somerset Ave./Jacksonville.  Another intersection where a stoplight will be needed immediately is rt.413 and Wynfall Ave.

I have data, and additional information on traffic that is not included in this report.

Maritime Traffic: 
A residual affect of Crisfield’s growth will be an increase in tourism to the islands and result in more passenger traffic and freight.  Therefore, one of the first steps should be relocating the docking/loading area to another location.  One option for a location may be in the Marina adjacent to where the school boat docks.

Additionally, for safety reasons, there will have to be traffic coordination between workboats, recreational vessels, jet-skis, kayaks, etc.