EVENT ‘The Watermen’s Story’ 10/24/2020

Crab Boats Offloading: This photo was taken c.1920 at S.10th St., Crisfield, MD, where the Steven Thomas of Tangier Island Cruises from Crisfield docks. This same scene can still be found today, just a few feet away, when boats offload at Independent Crab Company, Inc., the business of Matt Riggin.

The boats pictured are Log Canoes (Pocomoke Style), & a century ago crabs were caught primarily with a ‘scrape’ (small dredge), trot-line or simply just scooping them up with a net. Canoes would be used while crabbing in the summer, then switch to a bugeye or skipjack in the fall/winter for oystering, or use these canoes for wildfowl hunting. These men who worked the water, 12 months a year, were not just ‘crabbers,’ or just ‘oystermen,’ but WATERMEN. Their Story is Epic.

Join us on Oct. 24 at Gordon’s Confectionary to hear me tell the The Watermen’s Story. Tickets are $5 each (plus the purchase of a sandwich, side & drink). TICKETS ARE GOING FAST, GET YOURS TODAY! – Joe Paden

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