1.4 Identifying the Goals and Objectives

This is a complex, but very important, subject.  When discussing the goals, it’s beneficial to begin with something that everyone is likely to agree upon.  One thing I feel that fits this criteria, and should be considered a priority, is reversing the steady exodus of the area’s best and brightest youth.  By the 10th grade many students have chosen their career path and after college they move somewhere that provides an opportunity to pursue this career.  

Crisfield’s future is dependent upon providing opportunities for these ambitious youth to come back home after college and take an active roll in shaping Crisfield’s future.  The strategic plan presented in this report is intended to create an economic condition in Crisfield where businesses, along with the municipal careers that will be created, will be in desperate need of experts from a variety of fields.  

The importance of creating a strategy that focuses on Crisfield’s youth can not be overstressed.  Every child, teen and young adult should be viewed as an integral part of Crisfield’s revitalization – because that’s exactly what they are.  Therefore, one primary goal should be creating an economic environment that provides opportunities for Crisfield’s future generations.  Two of the many key steps to achieving this are:

➢ Hope: One of the most empowering tools that a child can have is hope.  Somerset has the highest poverty level of any county in Maryland, and, studies show that the acceptance of living in poverty is passed down from parent to child.  This must be stopped.  It’s crucial that every child, no matter their academic abilities, their race, the financial situation they were born into, grow up knowing that there is opportunity in Crisfield.  

➢ Employment Opportunities of the Future:  If we are to build an industry that focuses on future generations, extensive research must be conducted to ascertain the types of careers that will be in demand in 2030, 2040 and decades after.  By obtaining this information, the CTI can be built in a way that provides the type of careers that will be in demand in the future.  Some of these are included in this report, and I also have additional information and strategies on how to achieve this that I did not include in this report.