1.2 Purpose of Report and Strategic Plan

The purpose is simple, and was provided above, which is to assist in revitalizing Crisfield’s future, but in essence, it is to offer methods that may potentially create economic conditions – through tourism – that will attract investors to pitch proposals for hotels, water-parks, etc. – and doing so using their own capital.

Determine Crisfield’s Tourism Assets:  This is one of the largest obstacles that needs to be overcome for revitalization.  Tourists choose destinations based upon the attractions, services and activities offered.  This report will analyze Crisfield’s existing assets, along with those that are not recognized as such, and offer methods to how Crisfield can utilize these assets to maximize their potential.

Address the Importance of Formulating an Overall Objective / Think Future: Every report that I’ve read offered objectives, however, none have given sufficient attention to an attribute that may not be pertinent to revitalization, but it will undoubtedly be essential if it is to be sustained.  This attribute is the youth of Crisfield. 

As much as they wish they could, many of Crisfield’s most ambitious youth often do not return home after college but move to an area that has better career opportunities.  Many of those who do stay will travel to Salisbury for work, or, work for a government agency, etc.  The overall objective of Crisfield’s revitalization should be long-term in focus and creating a tourism industry that will provide economic conditions to entice the ambitious youth to return home after their education is complete.  Also the strategy has to provide hope for the youth who don’t go to college, they should grow up knowing that they’ll be able to get a good-paying job in Crisfield after they graduate, and are aware that there is going to be the potential, and demand for, people to start businesses themselves. 

Changing Attitudes: This report is based upon concepts that may help Crisfielders recognize the extraordinary potential – if exploited – that will enable Crisfield to enter into a new era, one of economic prosperity, from tourism becoming the predominate industry.  

Importance of Formulating a Plan: Many are calling for action now.  These frustrations notwithstanding, we must understand that revitalizing Crisfield will be a massive undertaking, and essentially require building a new Crisfield.  Now, we must ask ourselves, if we were to build a house, or anything for that matter, would it be wise to begin construction before we have a complete plan?  Of course not.

To form a plan we must begin by determining an objective, then ascertain our resources (tourism assets, funding, etc.), and finally – before any substantial action is taken – produce a detailed strategy; a proposal of which will be provided in this report.